Clubs and Activities

  • ASB Director
Mrs. Rene Gonzalez
(626) 963-5731, ext. 5215
  • Five Star Student
For a step by step guide on how to register for Five Star Student, Click Here.  This exciting new program allows all students to check in to GHS events, vote in school elections, vote for school courts and for important surveys.  Don't miss out!
Link Crew
  • Advisors
Deb Clune
Room 14
(626) 963-5731, extension 5014
Doug Granquist
Room 410
(626) 963-5731, extension 5410
Jennifer Riley
Room 135
(626) 963-5731, extension 5135
Peer Assistant Leaders - PALS
Deb Clune
Room 14
(626) 963-5731 extension 5014
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Dance Guest Pass
If you wish to bring a student that does not attend GHS to a school dance, you must complete a Dance Guest Pass from Mr. Tilton's office or Click here and return completed form to Mr. Tilton's office.  Allow 24-hours for approval.