ASB and Activities

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List of Clubs 2022-2023





Academic Letter Jayden Lin P Edward [email protected]
Anime Club
Madion Fawcett
Mo Hart [email protected]
ASL Club Elizabeth Kloster K Soza [email protected]
Arab Culture Club Catrina Semaan J Feldsher [email protected]
Architectural Design Club Kiera Vermillion A Ruiz [email protected]
Badminton Club Michael Ridouner C Harrison [email protected]
Best Buddies Club Grant Cushman B Benison [email protected]
Bible Study Club Brandon Ramos L Wingerd [email protected]
Chess Club Darren Phan G Hoffmeister [email protected]
Christian Club Christina Vrya D Shiers [email protected]
Clean Up After Yourself Alex Webster B. Winslow [email protected]
Cosplay Club Hannah Edwards K. Hill [email protected]
CSF Casey Gerber and Evan Turunen P. Edward [email protected]
Crafts Club Rosabella Wu L. Manalo [email protected]
Drama Club Alannah Powell F. Stephens [email protected]
Drawing and Painting Club Samuel Mummert C. Burgan [email protected]
D & D Club Christopher Hernandez D. Andrecht [email protected]
Engineers of Tomorrow Tommy Barrosa Mi. Hart [email protected]
Fellowship of Christian Athletes Rylie Anderson K. Dykstra 626-633-2156
Fidm Fashion Club Charlotte White L. Manalo [email protected]
Filipino Club Lauren Quijano A. Ruiz [email protected]
Film Makers Club Marcus Mathr K. Summers 626-364-2506
Fishing Club Xaine Navarro J. Coats [email protected]
French-German Club Madison Fawcett G. Hoffmeister [email protected]
Future Business Leaders of America Jaymin Patel K. Williams [email protected]
Future Farmers of America Benjamin Huang K. Summers [email protected]
GHS Speech and Debate Crystal Widado N. Muhr [email protected]
Glendora Advocacy Coalition Nadia Bashier M. Reigstad 626-512-7502
Glendora MTB Roue Hogan L. Rihimaki [email protected]
Glendora Rocketry Club Deven Grace T. Wall [email protected]
GSA Samantha Porter R. El Yousef 626-554-0835
HOSA Bianca Rodriguez Gonzalez M. Tejeda 626-224-4686
Interact Club Paris Chakravarty R. Gonzalez 626-734-4841
Jojo Vs. The World Project Mallory Torosian K. Summers 626-425-0506
Key Club Haarika Chimata D. Kent 626-328-5078
Kingsmen Gavin Garcia M. Davis [email protected]
Kpop Dance Club Tessa Hong M. Davis [email protected]
Latinos Unidos Isabella Najera N. Muhr [email protected]
LEO Club Janna Yap A. Fallon [email protected]
Letters for Rose Liz Seymour L. Alva 909-373-6340
Mixed Student Union Taylor Reasin N. Muhr [email protected]
Mariachi Club Michael Recio N. Muhr [email protected]
Math Club Edward Huang L. Wingerd [email protected]
Medical Club Paris Chakravarty J. Feldsher 626-734-4841
McJourney Neuro Club Katherine Carpio J. Coats [email protected]
NAMI Healthy Minds Ayva Todd B. Wooldridge [email protected]
On The Same Page Katie Alfaro Mo. Hart [email protected]
Paper Bridges Melanie Lam G. Nakata [email protected]
PB & J Michaela Magana K. Hubbe [email protected]
Personal Finance and Investing Club Landon Barragan G. Hamlow [email protected]
Relief for Research Keertan Vankatesh L. Spengler [email protected]
Self-Improvement Club Benjamin Huang S. Huss [email protected]
Surfing Club Tabitha Navarro I. Merrick [email protected]
Tartans Robotics Team Sahith Kakumani T. Wall [email protected]
The Black Student Alliance Leilani Powell P. Edward [email protected]
The Little Sunshine Club Naomi Millward A. Kassotis [email protected]
The Society Club Joliene Paderez E. Smith [email protected]
Tree People- Glendora Manasa Raj J. Feldsher [email protected]
Women's Wellness Xinyu Liu E. Banthrum 626-678-5481
Young Author's Club Mikayla Mckenzie M. Reigstad 626-460-9354
ASB Director
Mrs. Deb Clune 
(626) 963-5731, ext. 5215
ASB President - Haarika Chimata
ASB Vice-President - Nadia Bashier
ASB Commissioner of Activities - Dustin Jones
ASB Commissioner of Assemblies Casey Gerber
Senior Class President - Lavena Chen
Senior Class Vice-President - Lewis Yan
Senior Class Representative - Naomi Chen
Junior Class President - Natalia Cole
Junior Class Vice-President - Ellie Lusk
Junior Class Representative - Angeles Rodriguez
Sophomore Class President - Hallie Higgins
Sophomore Class Vice-President - Vito Clarizio
Sophomore Class Representative - Mikayla McNamara
Commissioner of Tech - Evan Turunen
Deb Clune
Room 14
(626) 963-5731, extension 5014
Doug Granquist
Room 410
(626) 963-5731, extension 5410
Jennifer Riley
Room 135
(626) 963-5731, extension 5135
9/6 - 6/9 - Club Rush
9/17 - Senior Luau
9/20 - College Fair
9/23 - Homecoming Parade/Game
9/24 - Homecoming Dance